Heidi Kunz

Heidi Kunz Staff Spotlight 1Your Name: Heidi Kunz

Hometown: Grew up in Stanton and now reside in Madison Heights

What is your position in the district? Post Secondary ASD Teacher - Lamphere Center

Heidi Kunz Staff Spotlight 2Did you go to college, if so tell us where. What degrees do you have?  
I first attended Grand Valley State University where I earned my Bachelor's in Business Administration. A few years later I attended Marygrove College to attain teacher certification as well as my Master's Degree in Education. Finally, I attended Oakland University where I completed my Autism Endorsement.

Heidi Kunz Staff Spotlight 3Tell us about your family:
This summer was a busy one for me! I got married on August 14 on a Disney Cruise surrounded by my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, and 5 nephews and niece; all while celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary. My husband's name is Derek and we are new residents of Madison Heights (Lamphere District).

What kind of hobbies do you have? What do you like to do?
I really enjoy watching Detroit sports as well as MSU football and basketball. Being a new homeowner, I now get to enjoy my love for gardening. I love to go up north in the summer to explore our wonderful state of Michigan. Traveling is something I really enjoy and hope to get to do more of in the future.

Heidi Kunz Staff Spotlight 4How long have you worked at Lamphere?
Brand new-first year here.

What's your favorite thing about being a part of the Lamphere district?
I am most impressed with how warm and welcoming Lamphere has been to me in my short time here so far. I truly feel like they will become like family!