2019 Youth Recognition Honors

2019 Youth Recognition Honors
Posted on 05/02/2019
What an inspiring morning!

Each year Madison Heights Youth Assistance (MHYA) and Madison Heights Community Coalition honor and recognize local students for their contributions, commitment and volunteerism.

Join us in saluting our students from Lamphere Schools who were honored for 2019.

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Amelia Jones - Edmonson Elementary, 5th Grade
Amelia is a member of Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run, works with her mother on weekly 5th grade fundraisers like Bagel Day and Friday snacks, and helps with school events like the talent show.  She has many leadership jobs at Edmonson and is a super helper!

Mason Rawlings - Edmonson Elementary, 4th Grade
Mason is one of the most hard-working students you will come across. His ability to find a balance between home & school is to be commended. Mason continues to strive for excellence and be a role model for others in our Edmonson family

Mxenzi Shannon - Edmonson Elementary, 1st Grade
Mxenzi had never been to school before entering 1st grade. She was excited to finally be in school and shows up everyday eager t learn. Mxenzi has a kind heart and is quick to help other children.

Bradley Sweitzer - Edmonson Elementary, 1st Grade
Bradley spent a Saturday cleaning up Edmonson's grounds. He collected 2 whole bags of garbage just in time for spring. He also is a Boy Scout and with his troop, stocks a local church's food bank.

Ghalia Al Haj Ali - Hiller Elementary, 4th Grade
Chalia and Peter heard that a 1st grader was in need of some toys and they decided to go through their toys at home and bring some in for a student that didn't have many. They did this completely on their own out of he goodness of their hearts.

Christopher Majewski - Hiller Elementary, 5th Grade
Christopher came to Hiller to experience a second chance at his education. Since attending Hiller, he has improved by maintaining a positive attitude, working to improve his attendance, and persevered to raise his grades. He has show tremendous growth emotionally, socially and academically. He is encouraging and a terrific peer tutor.

Omina Sultanova- Hiller Elementary, 4th Grade
Omina is at the top of her class academically she runs the morning announcements, helps with fundraisers, is on the Student Lighthouse Team, was the emcee of Leadership Day and assists others when her work is done. She also makes positive post it notes for classmates before big tests. She shows kindness to every student she meets.

Rhys Fuciarelli - Lessenger Elementary 3rd Grade
Rhys is an active student representative for the MHYA. He attends all monthly meetings and reports special happenings to Lessenger.  Rhys also volunteers at MHYA events on weekends and planned a birthday party for MHYA, inviting the entire school to attend. The part was a success and included balloons and cake.

Tyrone Mason - Lessenger Elementary, 5th Grade
Tyrone started a nonprofit organization called Tyrone's Caring is Sharing. The organization collects clothes, shoes, toiletries, food, books and games for a homeless shelter in Detroit that he visits every other week where he volunteers his time and drops off the donations he collects.

Olivia Ryan - Lessenger Elementary, 5th Grade
Olivia has made great personal and academic strides during her years at Lessenger. Despite many personal challenges, she puts forth her best effort and maintains a positive attitude. Olivia is considered a leader at Lessenger and works hard every day to better herself.

Gorgees Dawood, Tylr Minowa and Mathew Youhanna - Simonds Elementary, 5th Grade
Gorgees spreads kindness and created two presentations with the help of Tylr and Mathew that focused on spreading kindness, addressed how to treat others appropriately and promoted a positive school community.  They hang signs bearing messages around schools such as "Believe in Yourself" and "Be Kind to Others Around You".

Paige Oltersdorf - Simonds Elementary, 5th Grade
Paige spent countless hours helping prepare materials for after-school learning clubs. Specifically, she helped organize 22 K'Nex kits which required the cleaning and separating of thousands of K'Nex pieces. She also helps out with lower elementary students during club meetings such as K'Nex club and Yoga Club.

Eliana Eardley, Jasmine El-Mokdad, and Loretta Ritter- Simonds Elementary, 4th Grade
Loretta, Jasmine, and Eliana started a student-written and student-edited school newspaper before school, after school and during recess. Itis share with the Simonds school community on a monthly basis.

Mazzy Lambert - Simonds Elementary, 4th Grade
Mazzy goes above and beyond to help her classmates be successful in the school setting. She works before and after school to mentor and guide a lower elementary student in the areas of organization, encouragement and how to be a successful student.

Grace Cox - Page Middle School, 8th Grade
Grace volunteers through her youth group at Our Lady of LaSalette. She serves Thanksgiving dinner, make casseroles for the homeless, runs a coat drive for the needy, and collects presents for those less fortunate.

Abigail Herrell - Page Middle School, 8th Grade
Abigail volunteers in the nursery and younger grade classrooms at Lakepoint Church in Macomb. Also, twice per year, Abigail volunteers to clean up a local roadway with her church.

Maggie Oltersdorf - Page Middle School, 7th Grade
Maggie spent hours helping prep materials for after school learning clubs at Simonds Elementary. She organized 22 K'Nex kits, which required the cleaning and separating of thousand of pieces to create individual kits. In addition, she has helped organize several other materials to Support Simonds after school clubs.

Nolan Pepper - Page Middle School
Nolan is a spirited go-getter! Nolan drafted a proposal for a "Pay It Forward" Club at Page. He is spreading messages of kindness throughout the school and including other students in making a positive difference in the school community.

Dayvid Al Sabbagh - Page Middle School, 8th Grade
Dayvid shows great professionalism both in the classroom and on the field. He is loyal to his teammates and displays a great deal of sportsmanship. He stays late to study and trains hard. He has a tireless commitment to his teachers and teammates. His dedication and loyalty are second to none.

Nicholas Weidenbach - Page Middle School, 6th Grade
Nick is an amazing young man. Nick takes it upon himself to help others. Whether it’s explaining a math problem to another student or gathering papers for someone who is wheelchair bound, Nick is there. Nick comes to class and is prepared; he is aware of his priorities and cares about those around him.

Lillian Levine - Lamphere High School, 12th Grade
Lilly has kidney disease and had a kidney transplant. Throughout this personal challenge, she remained optimistic with a positive attitude. Lilly never lost her friendly ways and maintained an outstanding GPA. She will attend Purdue University in the fall.

Torohn Yancey - Lamphere High School, 12th Grade
Torohn is an amazing young man. He dropped out of school and was homeless. After moving into a hotel, Torohn enrolled at Lamphere. He is on his third straight semester of a 3.0 GPA or better, is a two time all MAC Conference athlete, captain of the LHS football team and will be heading to Dakota College in Bottineau, ND next fall. He also is an entrepreneur who runs a successful t-shirt business using his own designs.

Zachary Carlisle and Brian Hamel - Lamphere High School, 12th Grade
Zach and Brian have been involved as Junior Coaches with the STRIDE program, part of the YMCA. This program trains boys in grades 3 -5 to run a 5K and teaches character education. They volunteer 2.5 hours a week March through May.